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As the Past chair for Engineering Physics and Physics, I am so pleased to welcome you to our website. It has been such an honor for me to have been associated with this division for the past decade and notice its continuous commitment and growth in promoting and developing engineering physics and physics education. To do so the division through sponsoring papers, presentations and panel discussions  has afforded  colleagues like yourself  to share the best practices in teaching and learning engineering physics and physics.  We will be so delighted to have you join us either as a presenter or a panel member to share your experience  and best practices in teaching, curriculum revision as well as  ABET accreditation.

Prof. Baha Jassemnejad

Past Chair


As past-chair of the Physics and Engineering Physics division of ASEE, I first want to say that it has been a pleasure serving this division for the past four years. I especially want to thank David Probst, who was chair of the division before me, he was very patient with me and ably helped me through the process.


As we move into next year, the officers have discussed focusing on ABET as a central theme. This allows us to better serve those who are part of new programs as well as those who, like me and others in the board, are going up for review in the next few years. Evan is working on ways to include this in the program for next year. The possibilities include an ABET workshop, requesting a distinguished lecturer session and re-instituting the ABET session we had four years ago. I will personally be involved in reaching out to those who have new programs and programs up for review and Baha will support this effort directly. We are also interested in your thoughts and encourage you to contact any of the officers directly.


Our budget is strong and we are looking for ways to enhance the division using this money. First, you will soon be receiving a call for nominations for the Distinguished Educator and Service Award. This award is given for distinguished contributions to the teaching of physics to engineering and engineering technology students and for service to the division. The award is presented to a member of the Physics Division at the ASEE Annual Conference. The award was given this year to David Probst. I will also be submitting a proposal for new award(s) to the board at the next meeting.


We are also instituting a new policy that half of the conference registration cost is paid by the division for new members in the Physics and Engineering Physics division. We are currently looking for other ways to enhance the division and wish to solicit your thoughts. Again you can contact any officer of the division to discuss this.


In the past, we have selected officers at the division meeting during the annual ASEE meeting. However, it is our belief that many of you were left out of this process because you could not attend. Therefore, this year, for the first time, you will be receiving a call for nominations to the open officer positions in the division. We are asking that you each carefully consider nominating yourself or someone else for these positions. I can certainly say that being involved in this way is rewarding and I believe that the other  past and current officers feel the same way.

I for one am excited to see where the division is going and hope that you are as well. Thank you again for letting me serve you over these four years.


Dr. Michael DeAntonio

Past Chair

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